A Day at the Zoo with Aging Well Torbay

Recently, Growing Older Together and Torbay Older Family Carers’ Initiative invited their members and families on a summer outing.  They travelled by coach to Dartmoor Zoo, which has featured in the news recently as a lynx has escaped from its enclosure and although it has been sighted, hasn’t yet been caught.


The zoo staff allowed the group to use their restaurant area as a base, which left families free to explore as much or as little of the zoo as they wanted.  The restaurant was blissfully cool compared to the scorching temperatures outside.

“Several families took part in the Close Encounters session, where people could take a close look at some of the animals and handle some of them if they wanted to.”

Individuals enjoyed holding the stick insects and corn snake and talking to the zoo staff who shared their enthusiasm and knowledge of the animals. Outside, there was a talk and the opportunity to watch the otters being fed, as well as a bird of prey demonstration.

After spending time at the zoo, they went to Endsleigh garden centre for a quick look around before heading back to Torbay. The aim of the day was to give people the opportunity to meet other carers and to enjoy time as a family, all of which are really valuable, no matter what your age!

“Thanks for a wonderful day out” and “Thank you very much for your hard work in organising the trip” were just two of the comments received.”

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