A new ‘Super-Practice’ for Torquay GPs

Doctors in Torquay are preparing to merge three surgeries — forming a super-practice covering 34,000 residents. Croft Hall, Chelston Hall and Barton surgeries will work together as the Harbour Medical Group.

Barton Surgery has vowed that patients will see ‘no difference in the services provided to them’ as doctors and nursing teams will still continue to be based at both practices. They’ve already consulted patients with a questionnaire listing 13 positive reasons for a merger, including, they say, ‘a choice of more doctors to see patients and a greater choice of appointment.’

Doctors have taken the action to combat what they call ‘a very difficult financial climate’. In a statement Barton said the ‘difficulty in recruiting new GP replacements has meant that we have had to look at a variety of options to ensure the ongoing viability of a popular and long serving practice, and so the next step of the journey begins.’

‘Working with Chelston Hall and Croft Hall Surgeries since December 2015 as part of the Harbour Medical Group,’ they add, ‘we have seen significant benefits including providing improved patient services which include the on the day team (same day service) and we have been able to forge a strong and positive relationship with the Chelston Hall Surgery team with many of our staff already working closely together.’