Ageing Well Festival Event Volunteers Required

About the opportunity

We’re looking for a number of enthusiastic, friendly volunteers to help our Ageing Well Festival run smoothly on Saturday 30th September-Sunday 1st October. We have a variety of roles available and the benefits of volunteering include: the chance to meet new people, an opportunity to develop your skills and a great way to find out more about what goes on in Torbay!

The volunteering roles available are:
Stewards – The main faces of our events. Help answer questions our attendees have had about an event, assist with keeping the venue organised and tidy, and help make the event a positive experience for everyone
Filmmakers – Help capture the event on film, assist with production, editing, etc. of any films made for/of the event.
Photographers – Crucial for capturing moments from the event as photos, as well as assist with promotional material before, during and after the event.
Writers – Promo material we make, online content, written products for the festival, and so on they help with.
Transport – Able to pick people up on their way to events, or are capable of driving a minibus.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Ageing Well Festival please call 01803 212638