Devon Recovery Learning Community

The Devon Recovery Learning Community offers opportunities to learn about mental health and recovery by providing a unique curriculum designed to increase your knowledge,
understanding and skills to equip you with the tools to live a happy and fulfilling life. Their aim is to promote hope, opportunity and choice. They want to help you take control and become an
expert in your own wellbeing and recovery in order that you can get on with your life despite any mental health challenges you might face.

“Those leading the recovery movement are clear that it is neither about an unrealistic hope of magical transformation, nor about the impossible prospect of returning to whatever preceded illness. Instead, it is a n open-ended a nd ca utiously optimistic process of sketching out a path forward and developing hope for a more satisfactory life alongside whatever remains of the illness.”
Glenn Roberts and Paul Wolfson, The Rediscovery of Recovery: Open to All

DRLC Spring 2016 A5 prospectus Feb 4th Proof