First Aid for 10 to 19 year olds


Free first aid workshops for young people from the British Red Cross

Workshops are available for young people aged up to 19 years old, teaching first aid skills specifically related to the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol and knife crime. We aim to empower young people to understand, cope with and respond to a first aid emergency.

Workshops are tailored to the needs of the group and are focused at young people in areas of increased risk. The workshops can enhance learning across the curriculum in school and youth group environments.

Our workshops:

> Explore the barriers to helping in a first aid situation

> Explain what to do in a first aid emergency as a result of injuries occurring from alcohol and drug misuse and knife crime

> Build young people’s confidence to help others

What to expect:

> Engaging, interactive sessions using thought-provoking, age-appropriate resources

> Sessions delivered by fully trained Red Cross educators

> Workshops bespoke to the needs of the group, usually lasting 40 to 90 minutes


For more information about what is available to young people in
your area, contact the Youth Education Support Centre on 0344
412 2734 or email

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Published 2015

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Photo: © Jonathan Banks/BRC