Health and Social Care staff would recommend local NHS as a place to work or be treated

The result of the annual NHS Staff survey, published today, shows that Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust (TSDFT) staff rated the Trust highly as a place to work and receive treatment.

TSDFT, which is responsible for local health and care services, was rated as higher or on a par with other NHS organisations in 27 out of the 32 areas surveyed. This included recommendation of the trust as a place to work, opportunities to work flexibly, and staff motivation at work. The Trust has also maintained or improved its position since last year in 30 out of 32 indicators. Nearly 3,000 members of staff responded to the survey.

Judy Saunders, Director of Workforce and Organisational Development at TSDFT, said: “I am very pleased that so many staff took the time to participate in this year’s staff survey, as it gives us a strong sense of where we are doing well and where we need to improve. The survey took place in October, about one year after the creation of our new Integrated Care Organisation.

“It is particularly reassuring that so many of our staff would recommend this Trust as a place to work or be treated, and that our staff engagement is above the national average.

“Last year, we launched the ‘Freedom to Speak Up’ Guardians after our staff survey showed raising concerns as an area for improvement. The changes over the past year are having an impact, and I very much appreciate the hard work of staff on initiatives such as ‘See Something Say Something’, the voluntary effort of our ‘Freedom to Speak Up’ Guardians, and the support from managers, clinical leaders and staff side partners.

“We will now work closely with our staff to tackle any areas for improvement identified in this year’s survey. For example, although there is a significant increase in staff confidence about raising concerns, there is still more work to do about staff reporting incidents or near misses, and the effectiveness of our reporting procedures.

“We have over 6,000 members of staff, and I am incredibly proud of their dedication, professionalism and hard work to deliver excellent care. This survey tells us there is much to be proud of, and that through a time of uncertainty and change, our staff have remained committed, enthusiastic and able to make a difference in the work they do, feeling supported by the organisation.”

A robust action plan is now being put in place to keep the Trust a safe, happy and healthy place to work, as staff continue to make progress on a journey of change.

The detailed staff survey report, along with all other national results can be found at