Jamtastic at the Jamnasium, the What? and Why?

Recovery isn’t a result, it is a process, a journey, an experience. It doesn’t matter what one is recovering from, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, physical health issues, mental health issues, sexual or physical abuse and the mental trauma that goes with it, it takes time to deal with the issues and adjust to living as “normal” (acceptable) a life as possible.


There are times, when one is in recovery, that an individual needs to distance themselves from the fact that they are in recovery, they need to distract themselves from their problems. One of the greatest aids to distraction therapy is making live music. Jamming with others teaches one about cooperation and harmony, (on more than one level). It’s about working together.


Learning an instrument takes focus, one cannot dwell on a problem when thinking about something else, that is the point of distraction therapy. There are a number of good jam sessions and open mike sessions across Torbay, mostly held in pubs in the evening. Unfortunately there are reasons for people in recovery, especially from health issues, drug and alcohol related issues and mental health issues to avoid these places. Jamtastic hopes to offer them a place where they can learn to play, gain confidence, jam with others, prepare for street performances, the potential is enormous. A number of local musicians have offered their time to help and there have been offers of support from the music shops in Exeter.


Sessions currently running from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm on Sundays at Endeavour House with different volunteers drifting in and out through the afternoon and different jammers joining and leaving ad -hoc. The structure will be loose and fluid to give access to the greatest number of attendees. People wishing to learn will always be welcome, people wishing to teach ditto, and also people who just want to lose themselves in making music.