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These pages contain information about services for children and young people with a Special Education Need (SEN) or Disability. To view different services offered please use the categories listed on the right hand side of this page, there you will find information on what is offered and services provided.

If you would like further information about Special Educational Needs, including how to make a request for statutory assessment, please contact the SEN Team on 01803 208274 or visit http://www.torbay.gov.uk/senassessments.

For further information about the services the SEN team provides please refer to the SEN Team record within this Local Offer or visit www.torbay.gov.uk/sen. For information specifically aimed at Parents and Carers please visit http://www.torbay.gov.uk/sen-info-leaflets.

SEND Reform Updates

We are trying to make sure that young people, parents and professionals can find out about the how the SEND reforms are leading to changes in Torbay. Please go to http://www.torbay.gov.uk/sendreform-updates where you will find the latest newsletters.

If you would like further information about any work that is going on, please contact us on SENDreforms@torbay.gov.uk.

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What is the Local Offer?

The Local Offer is a requirement for the local authority to publish information about what provision it expects will be available for children and young people with SEN aged 0 – 25 years, both within and outside their local area.

The local offer must include information about:

  • Education, health and care provision for children and young people with SEN (which should include information about its quality and the destinations/outcomes achieved by those who use it)
  • Arrangements for identifying and assessing children and young people’s SEN, including arrangements for requesting an EHC needs assessment
  • Other education provision (educational provision outside of schools or colleges such as sports or arts provision)
  • Training provision, including Apprenticeships
  • Arrangements for travel to and from schools, post-16 institutions and early years providers
  • Support to help children and young people in moving between phases of education (for example from early years to school, from primary to secondary) and to prepare for adulthood
  • Sources of information, advice and support in the local authority’s area relating to SEN including information provided under clause 32 of the Children and Families Bill, forums for parents and carers, support groups, childcare and leisure activities
  • Arrangements for making complaints, for the resolution of disagreements, mediation and parents’ and young people’s right to appeal a decision of the local authority to the tribunal.

The Code of Practice says local authorities must involve children in planning decisions about what services for young people with SEN are needed. This includes planning the content of the local offer, deciding how to publish the offer and providing feedback on the services contained in the local offer.

Local Offer Feedback

If you wish to provide feedback, you can do this by:

You can view feedback already received by clicking here.