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Temple Gym Martial Arts offers a wide training within our programs for adults and children. ​

Our programs are divided by level ranging from , 11 years and above. ​

This allows us to better focus classes training activities to the individual student's level of development.

All of our martial arts programs are self paced allowing students to train and learn at their own speed.​

Going at their own rate allows students to better develop confidence in their abilities.

Each student joins us for a different reason. Reasons include:​

to gain self confidence and self discipline, learn self defense, improve fitness, develop concentration, ​

coordination and core strength, have a sense of community and belonging. With all this in mind, ​

we focus on individual students' needs and goals.

No matter what age range or skill level, every student will find an enjoyable, ​

friendly and relaxed environment where they can learn martial arts skills and values while at the same time having a fun!

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