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What does Special Educational Needs mean?
The law says that a child has special educational needs if he/she finds learning significantly harder than most children of the same age, or has a disability, which makes it difficult for him/her to take a full part in early years education, school or post 16 education (including Further Education or work based training programmes). The majority of children who have special educational needs (including learning difficulties, medical conditions and/or disabilities) can be educated successfully within their local mainstream school. 

What is a statutory Education, Health and Care assessment?
An Education Health and Care Plan (EHC / EHCP) assessment brings together professionals from education, health and social care services through the Torbay Special Educational Needs and Disability Support Process. Professionals from education, health and social care services work in partnership with you and your child to listen, understand and plan support to enable your child to realise their potential.

When may an Education, Health and Care assessment be carried out?
If the early years setting, school or post 16 provider cannot meet your child’s needs through their own programme of support, or if your child’s needs change dramatically (e.g. for health or social reasons). For further information please refer to ‘Making statutory assessments of SEN’ at

Torbay Transfer Plan
The transfer plan describes how the Torbay SEN team will convert the existing Statements of Special Educational Needs to Education , Health and Care Plans by April 2018. The Torbay Transitions Review process is part of an education, health and social care needs assessment. New advice to inform the transition review will be sought unless parents, the Local Authority (LA) and professionals agree that existing advice can be used. The LA will ensure that the views of parents / young people are gathered throughout the process and reflected in the Transition Review document. For further information please visit

Disagreement Resolution and Mediation
Global mediation provides access to independent disagreement resolution and/or mediation to help when parents/ carers/young people and the education authority cannot agree on how to meet a child's /young person's special educational needs.

Mediation guidance can be found on their website at

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