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Tower House School is an independent non-selective, co-educational day school set in the heart of Torbay.

The school educates children from the age of 5-16 and entry can be made at any age. The school also provides holiday clubs for Juniors see Buzz Club record for more details.

Scholarships are available in the senior school for those who can offer excellence in various areas, which can support the school in its aims to achieve academic, social and communal recognition.

Throughout the school a warm friendly 'family' atmosphere pervades. Self-confidence and self-esteem flourish in an environment that is supportive, intellectually challenging and rewarding. Positive social behaviours allow highly productive work and encourage full participation in all aspects of school life.

They welcome hard working pupils of all abilities, knowing that their very low 'pupil to teacher ratio' maximises contact time and success. Pupils are taught how to think for themselves, how to develop and how to share in their and others achievements.

The Beehive Nursery is attached to the school and ages from 3 weeks to 5 years can attend, even if they do not go onto the main school. Please see seperate record for more details.

Head of Junior School: Mrs K Clayton

Head of Senior School: Mrs A Jordan


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