Torbay Interfaith Forum: Working for interfaith respect and understanding in Torbay

TIF (Torbay Interfaith Forum) is one of the oldest interfaith groups in the country, having been formed over 20 years ago. We have a rich diversity of faiths and beliefs within the Bay and the current attendees have included representatives from the Anglican Church, Baha’i Faith, Buddhism,the Catholic Church, Hinduism, Humanism, Islam, Judaism, the Methodist Church, Paganism,the Society of Friends (Quakers), Rosicrucianism, Spiritualism, and other personal belief traditions including ‘Eclectic Spiritual’.

We have people join us from throughout the Bay and all are very welcome on a basis of equality and respect. We find that people are really interested in learning more about the spiritual lives of those who live in our three towns in Torbay.

TIF supports appreciation and understanding through talks from many different faiths and encourages respect and friendship between everyone of faith and no faith.


We meet on the second Wednesday of the month in the Friends’ Meeting House, 48 Tor Hill Road Torquay, TQ2 5RT at 7.30 pm.


The next 6 dates and exciting topics are:


Dec 14th 2016 “Interfaith Food & Fun” all provided by TIF;


Jan 11th 2017 “Romani History, Culture and Faith” a talk and discussion with Natalie Winter;


Feb 8th 2017 “Why Baha’i” a talk and discussion with Helen Babb;


Mar 8th 2017 “Spirituality and Art” illustrated and led by Hazel Robertson;


Apr 12th 2017 “Stolen Images: Pagan Symbols and Christianity” an illustrated talk from Peter Knight;


May 19th 2017 “God and Science” a talk with discussion by Tony Watkins.


Everyone is welcome to join us, and the format is Open Forum with freewill donation and refreshments to follow.